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Surgical Instructions

The following instructions may be helpful when preparing for your upcoming surgery. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any last minute questions.

We can be reached at (613)-287-0194 during regular business hours.

General Pre-Treatment Instructions

Have a healthy, light meal at your usual time before the surgery.

Take all regular medications as usual unless otherwise instructed.

Wear comfortable loose clothing; bring a portable music player with headphones for your own entertainment and comfort.

Take the remainder of the day off work. Take the next day off work as well. Please go home and relax after your appointment.

Have available at home:

  • ice or cold cloths
  • regular strength pain medication (e.g. Tylenol, Advil, Motrin)
  • soft foods (e.g. eggs, pasta, bananas, yogurt, jello)

After surgery, avoid foods which contain small seeds (e.g. multigrain breads, berries, popcorn) and avoid alcohol.

Avoid exercise (e.g. sports, yoga, gardening) and heavy lifting for a few days.

Please bring all Appliances (e.g. Flipper, night guard, surgical guide) to your appointment.  

Post-Operative Instructions

Home Care:  After surgery, go home and rest. Keep your head elevated with an extra pillow, place a towel over pillow when lying down. Avoid exercise (e.g. sports, yoga, gardening) and heavy lifting for 5 days. Do not pull your lips back to look at the area.

Hygiene : Brush and floss unaffected areas. After 5 days, begin gentle brushing over the chewing surfaces of the teeth, with a manual brush. After a week, brush all areas carefully, continuing with the manual brush in affected areas. Avoid the area if it is painful. Do not floss until instructed at your post-operative visit.

Rinsing : Begin rinsing gently the day after surgery. Use the provided mouth rinse twice a day for 30 seconds. During the day, rinse with salt water (1/4 tsp salt in a cup of warm water) as often as desired.  

Medications : Begin over the counter pain medication immediately. Effective pain medications are:

  • Ibuprofen/Advil/Motrin (200mg) – 2-4 tablets every 6 hrs
  • Acetaminophen/Extra-Strength Tylenol (500mg) – 2 tablets every 4 hrs

A stronger pain medication may be prescribed. Use only if over the counter medications are not effective.
Please take all medication as directed. If you have an adverse reaction (rash, nausea, itching), stop the medication and contact our office or your family doctor.
*If you are prescribed antibiotics, be aware it will impair the effects of oral birth control.
*If you are prescribed medications with codeine (e.g. Tylenol #2, 3) consider taking Colace (a stool softener available over the counter) to prevent constipation.

Swelling:  Swelling and bruising are common and may increase over the first 3-5 days. Minimize swelling by applying an ice pack to the face alternating for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off for the rest of the day. If swelling persists beyond 5 days, or returns, contact our office.

Bleeding: Residual bleeding or oozing is normal for the first 48 hours. If bleeding is excessive, apply direct pressure with gauze or a regular wet tea bag for 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary. If bleeding persists, contact our office or Dr. Chong.

Sutures: Stitches may dissolve during the first week; others will be removed at a post-operative visit.

Protective Pack or Tissue “Glue”:  This not always used. If a pack or glue is used, it will fall off on its own, as a whole or in pieces. There is no harm to swallowing it.

Nutrition:  Drink plenty of fluids and eat a soft diet for approximately 5 days. Avoid hot foods or drinks while your mouth is frozen. Avoid straws which may increase bleeding. Avoid nuts and foods with seeds, such as multigrain breads, raspberries, popcorn, etc. as long as stitches are present

Smoking and Alcohol: Avoid alcohol for 5 days; 1 week if on antibiotics. Smoking seriously impairs healing, avoid smoking as long as possible.

4019 Carling Avenue, Suite 100
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2A3

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4019 Carling Avenue, Suite 100
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2A3

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